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Bryson Tiller

"S e r e n i t y (Teaser Trailer #2)"

[From teaser trailer released on May 9th, 2019]

It's on tonight

Now I feel so lame for sayin' this right now
Thank you for comin' out

Grow wild
Booze crew, what up?
Yo, I marry MC by the name of JD
(Spell it out though)

I feel like I got power, hey yo

Detroit, the metropolis

I like to call myself the who's drunk enough
I spot everybody out who's not drunk enough
Chris, I know you not drunk enough but it's all good

It's all real (Ain't no problem), nah, ain't no problem in this
Stay in the mix like the Papadopoulos, get it?
Think you thought, get it? The proper sh*t
It's SV, flipmode for not stoppin' it

To my n*gga JD

Yo, lies are wack with the extra rap
See the S been doin' this sh*t since way back
Say that

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