Bryson Tiller

"Don’t Say That"

[Intro: Bryson Tiller]

[Chorus: Bryson Tiller]
Nah baby, don't say that, ayy
Nah baby, don't say that
You, I know we go way back, uh
Now, you frontin' on me, girl, I hate that (Damn, ayy)
You know I hate that but I'm loving how you f**k me
But why you thug me, one-and-done me?
Made me chase you, I'm not a running back
Pull up with a stick, you better run me back
Girl, I'm stuck on you like honey
Still fronting, I know you want me
Tryna done me, we ain't done, we back

[Verse 1: Bryson Tiller]
Can I get it started? Got Henny from the bar
'Till we duck in my apartment
Henny, yeah, she drippin' like faucet (Faucet)
Put this on my mission, I've accomplished
I've hit it in my car, turn this sh*t into a carcass
Ain't remember where my car is, I whipped it like a Taurus
See me hittin' charges, we can head to Neiman Marcus
I dress you 'till your sharpest, you're pressin' where my heart is
Margiela mob, then I hit 'em, heels tall, I'm like b*t*h, I'm still ballin'
So much drip that these b*t*hes feel parched
And even I feel parched, you say you don't feel sorry, nah
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