[Zwrotka 1: Havoc]
Pay the b*t*hes that's brighter than a lighter
That you stole from a n***a, that you asks for the lighter
Or darker than the darkest souls searching for that procotol
In a room full of wolves, with the same as it goes
We all reachin' for the top, everybody wanna spot
Everybody wanna shine, n***as screamin' why not
Reppin' my block to the casket
Don't ask questions, don't wanna be asked
Move out, wanna move, beat of my own drum
To my own, nobody reppin' me like Nissan
Each one, teach one, that sh*t out the window now
Look for the weakling, that's gonna slow you down
Spinning like a one flat tire, I'mma still go
Nothin' 'bout me fake, always keep it on the real dough
n***as know the name, screamin' loud, ain't a thing change
Keep f**k around, put the hammer to your rib cage

[Zwrotka 2: Big Noyd]
I don't play on them streets, walk around with a snub
I murk some, hurt somebody, because
Nothing fazing me, you crazy, I have you eatin' blood
I come back with two and make you feel the slug
Reach for your gun, get your body where you stand
Don't let the man gas you up, n***a get blammed
I don't play with the Muller, I put it right between your eyes
n***a the Ruger, I cut back and squeeze
Until the clip is empty, I leave yo' ass six feet deep
n***a dont tempt me, I stray 'cause I used to move weight
I'm f**king street hustler, n***a prowise, n***ing all night, n***a
Making dough is all I know, I was told to stack chips
Keep it tight, lit, f**k police, g's never snitch
Dressin' on black at night, camouflage
Creep through the streets, pulling strings like guitars
n***as get robbed, they ain't 'bout that life
And their records don't sell, 'cause they not that nice
Think twice if you're contemplating flexin' on me
That's sweet, you know I keep 'em texts on me, n***a
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