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Ariana Grande

"Kick It (Remix)"

{VERSE 1: Ariana Grande]
Yeah boy, I know I'm by myself (Yuh)
Livin' it up all by myself (and what about it?)
Cravin' your touch but I don't give no f*cks
This time I need only me
(*beep* off)
What was that?
Oh you want me back? (Hell nah)
Ooh baby it's too late for that (That's right)
You're gone
I'm gone
But I don't care and you can catch me kickin' it

[Chorus: BLACKPINK and Ariana Grande]:

[BRIDGE: Ariana Grande]
Said I don't need nobody else (Boy)
I don't need [?]
Imma go and kick it all by myself
Nothin' will stop me now babe 'cause I'm gonna kick it
I'm letting my hair down and havin' fun all night long
Catch me in a party down town (yeah baby)

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