Ariana Grande

"Not Be All Alone"

[Verse 1]
Say that you want it, say that you need it
Say that I'm sick and I'll never come back
When I come into, I always shoot out to
You make me jealous (Jealous)
I don't even need it but thank you
I just wanna stay right there with you
I'm not tired, I'm not sorry at all

Not sorry, n-not sorry
I shouldn't be sorry just because I wasted four seconds
If you need to talk then come out with me
I could be your ocean and you be the beach tonight
Yeah, yeah

Even though I don't want you, I want you here with me
Needing your taste is the only thing that I need
To not be all alone like this, yeah
Even though I don't kiss you, you should just come over
Feeding your taste is the only thing that I'll chew on
And to stay with you all my life, yeah

Here with me all my life, yeah
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