Ariana Grande

"​just like magic"

Oh, yeah

[Verse 1]
Wake up in my bed, I just wanna have a good day (Mmm, ah)
Think it in my head, then it happens how it should, ayy
Twelve o'clock, I got a team meeting, then a meditation at like 1:30
Then I ride to the studio listening to some sh*t I wrote (Oh)

Good karma, my aesthetic (Aesthetic)
Keep my conscience clear, that's why I'm so magnetic
Manifest it (Yeah), I finessed it (I finessed it)

Take my pen and write some love letters to Heaven

Just like magic (Baby), just like magic (Oh yeah)
Middle finger to my thumb and then I snap it
Just like magic (Yeah), I'm attractive (Oh yeah)
I get everything I want 'cause I attract it (Oh)

[Verse 2]
Looking at my phone, but I'm tryna disconnect it (Oh yeah)
Read a f**kin' book, I be tryna stay connected (Yeah)
Say it's tricky at the top, gotta keep a slim ego for a thick wallet
Losing friends left and right, but I just send 'em love and light (Oh)
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