[Verse 1: Tank]
You had time all the day long to get your hair, your nail's did
Your dress on. Oh, my girl, good Lord. Look like a movie star
Now I'm ready to get messy, and do all the things you did to Impress me. Don't be shy girl, don't hold back now
There's one thing on my mind and be sure you're mine

Girl, I've been waiting long, all this time and you know
I don't wanna go, i don't wanna, I don't wanna go slow
(Girl, I want you) in a hurry, (right now) in a hurry
(On me) in a hurry

[Verse 2: Ginuwine]
Can we forget about the foreplay?
Let's just use the time a different way?
Jump right on here, you've got the space
Girl, Ima love you all kind a ways
Whatever you want, just say the word, it's yours
Girl, turn on the lights, i wanna see you storm
You shaking like an earthquake when i give you more
We in this bed, but girl, our bed is better on the floor

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Tyrese]
Now we gotta set up, fresh sheets out the laundry, girl
Don't wet up, wet up
Cause that this rate we might be playing catch up
Since you laid your body down, it ain't been hard to get up, get up
Baby, i want it now. Won't be long till it goes down
Oh, you're a nasty girl and i'm turning you on
I got every intention to show you how I feel