Keep It Playa
{​Hook1: Tyrese}​
I know sometimes it might get crazy
Ill always be here for you lady
Baby im just tryna change the game
So let me work the thang
Let me do my thang

{​Verse1: LIl Rian}​
Let me regulate just know yo place
Gotta couple places we can stay out of state
You like to smoke
Well i like to stroke
A couple of shots of ciroc
Now you coming out yo top
Aye yall lookie they still a player
Got sum bait on the rod even when i caught a fish
Im a God with flow even with the stroke
Like its limbo
I wanna know how low can you go
Take it to the floor
And bring it up slow and than show me sum sh*t
I didn't even know was possible damn
L.I.L Rian now you know who i am
And every dollar adds up for you to get a M
So get it started
Got a before party and a after party for the main party
Never too old just to kick it
Old b*t*hes they miss me
Now they at my shows
Showing off and flashing t**ties
I stay on my grizzy
Them up North hoes show me love like im Drizzy
I got att**ude p*ssy

You just a baby boy
You not the real Mccoy
I been running these streets
You going crazy
What about yo baby
Why you riding with heat

{​Verse2:Money M}​
Keep it G when you rollin with a real n***a
Money Lauren never ever Money Hilfiger
Wanted finer thangs ever since a lil n***a
Im paper chasing past these nothing a** lil n***as
You know I need it
Not being greedy
Bad b*t*hes tuned in like a n***a singing
But its the way i step
The way i walk
The way i talk
Got yo main b*t*h pu**y leaking
Now she sneaking and geeking
She ducking and creeping
She at my crib n***a
Straight sucking and sleeping
I put it down right she biting the pillow like she in a fight
Cuz a n***a hittin it all night
Young n***a
Just tryna make ends meet
Bout my money having em running like a athlete
So dont be playing with my dollars
Bullets make em holla
No understanding
About playing with a n***a gwalla
{​Verse 3: Lil Rian}​
Keep it playa
And know yo place
Like a alien
Ima need my space sooner than later
Pimp without the alligator
If you see me in the streets
With my main B remember you dont know me
And forgot me
These n***as be trickin
Im no magician
Not into wishing
But i believe in intuition
In other words work for yours
Need a b*t*h that do choirs
Cook and iron and sweep floors
Thats what im into
In a maid suit
Muscle booty wash my muscle coupie
Gotta do em how they did me when they didn't wanna do me with the hoopie
Now its hoes by the dozen
Three sums four times
Mathematician groupie
Im talking dimes thats finer than wine
Let me sign
Rian Hefner
Can't a n***a do it better
Poppin pu**y poppin bottle
Thats just grapes and cheddar
And you know I need my commas like a run on letter
Im talking Benjis n***a
Or give you fast beef
Red dots on yo face like you Wendy n***a
{​Hook2: Tyrese}​
You just a baby boy
You not the real Mccoy
I been running these streets
You going crazy
What about yo baby
Why you riding with heat

{​Bridge: LilRian}​
Keep it playa and know yo place(4x)

{​Outro:Lil Rian}​
You know what i mean
We dont mean no harm
This that YMN sh*t n***a
You know how it go
You know what im saying
It ain't nun but a small G thang