I Wont Go
[Intro: Tyrese]
Oh oh oh
Said I won't go
Oh oh oh
Yeah yeah yeah

[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
Wake up in my hospital bed
Staring in the mirror, looking at this hole in my head
As I try to remember what the big homie had said
When he aimed it at my temple, 1 shot, blanked out, then my body dropped
I can't believe this motherf**ker tried to kill me over some D
Him and my brother played football down the street
Plus my mother took him in, when his mother was on hands and knees
Searching for the Rock, fiend chasing after pipe dreams
We both cried, when my brother died
At the funeral, he looked me in my eye, promised to put me under his wing
I was only 13, when he start to show me the game
Gave me the recipe, turning rock from cocaine
Jay Rock, build your name
That's when the power come
When it get thick in these streets, know that only cowards run
I took his words and ran with it. Along with the work
Got my own spot, rollin' for what it's worth but

[Chorus: Tyrese]
Said I won't go, said I won't go said I won't go
Till they respect me
In these streets yeah
Said I won't go, said I won't go
Said I won't go
Till they respect me
In these streets yeah

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
Rollin in the latest whips coppin the latest kicks
Making the most money out here, you can't tell us sh*t
Well at least you can't tell me
F**king all the pretty b*t*hes that didn't like me feeling relentless
Making so much money, thinking of other ways to spend it
No doubt about it, I was making a killing
But little did I know I'm f**king with the compet**ion
At least that's what the streets say, but I ain't listen
How could I? Been my brother since I was four foot high
Never thought about him crossing that line so I kept it pushing Next day shot me a gram without looking in my eyes
Didn't shake my hand either, I was surprised
But I overlooked it
Thought he did it off the strength of the love
Come to find out his plans was crooked
Next day, staring down the barrel of the gun
On the other side of the bullet, no mercy when he pulled it
[Chorus: Tyrese]
Said I won't go, said I won't go, said I won't go
Till they respect me
In these streets yeah
Said I won't go, said I won't go
Said I won't go
Till they respect me
In these streets yeah

[Verse 3: Jay Rock]
It's been a long 3 months till I rehabilitated
But the therapy wasn't stopping me from returning the favor
Back on the block, n***as thought they seen a ghosts
When I appeared, black 40 under the coat
Thought I was dead, cause of the bullet in my skull
My eyes red, Vengence is best served cold
But what I do know, the word probably got back to him
I'm alive, need a plan before I try to do him
Think to myself, what's a n***a's greatest downfall? A b*t*h
Let me give Maiesha a call
I know what he likes, I been around him for a while
Just keep stalling him, give him a service with a smile
Make sure no gun in reach, and keep his pants down
With the door unlocked, when I walk in, get up on the ground
The time is now, everything's all in motion
Headed to the door, slowly pushing it open
Walk in, his eyes bigger than my barrel
With a dropped chin, do you remember me, Harold?
(Let me explain)
Explain what? N***a shut up
Pistol-whip him across the floor. B*t*h n***a get up
Sit up straight
(I apolo-)
N***a it's too late
Thought you was my brother, come to find out you two-faced
When you ate, I ate. We ate with each other
At the end we supposed to look out for one another
So f**k you
(F**k you.)
What motherf**ker?
You must be ready to die
(That's why I killed your broth-)