Never Call You Bitch Again (Live)
[Spoken Word Intro]
Uh, I swear I never call you b*t*h again
Believe me
This that new sh*t I wrote for the true sisters
They said I couldn't say "b*t*h" too much, so I got this new sh*t for y'all

I Swear I'll never call you b*t*h again

[Verse 1]
They gave my homie 90 days for domestic violence
I try to picture myself in this position but remain silent
I get to thinkin' 'bout this sh*t we been through
We close like kin, but you remain my friend too
This life of sin done got the both of us in trouble
But you always stay down for a n***a, so that's why I love you
Reminiscin' needin' tissues, fightin' over childish issues
Swear I can't live with you; but without you, every day I miss you
When we roll you hold my pistol, my gangsta b*t*h-itch, you
Always in the mood for love, that's why I'm sleepin' with you
Though not the man of your dreams
My plan and scheme's to be rich like a king
And live my life trouble free, I see
Yesterday I called you names and played games on your mind
I promise that I'll change in time
It's a complicated world, so girl, just be a friend
I swear I'll never call you b*t*h again
Believe me

Uh, never
I swear I'll never call you b*t*h again, believe me

[Verse 2]
I wake up early in the mornin', at the crack of dawn
N***a still tired so I'm yawnin', and now I'm gone
Tryin' to get my money on strong, so an early riser
Out before them other guys, that's the way to profit every time
Can't get too close, my enemies, they see ghosts, they envy me
Plus we been beefin' with the East Coast, with casualties
Got stopped in traffic, had a warrant, so they gaffled me
But while I'm gone, watch my business and my back for me
My enemies think they got me crossed, they ain't knowin'
Ain't no love for player haters where you cowards goin'
Got me out of jail, paid bail, home again
I promise not to leave you on your own again
Cristal corks are popped, romantic thoughts are dropped
Don't panic but no matter, ‘cause we crossed the top
Told you young lady, you were more than a friend
I swear I'll never call you b*t*h again, believe me
That's my word

I swear I'll never call you b*t*h again, believe me
[Spoken Word]
Gimme "How Do You Want It"