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(Verse 1)
Hit em up, kill em up, rip it apart

Tryna get millis and win from the start

What was you thinking when you said that I wasn’t in conversation for killing the bars

Wait, gotta take my scars, went too far with brain from Mars

Wait, do I have my sauce, positives outweighed by flaws

Whatchu saying think I’m playing day one OG always slaying

Powered up I’m super saiyan you could say I’m super saying

One foot in and one foot out I’m super faded always jaded

Vision blurry stuck in matrix tryna find out who be faking

They say get the money get the digits, To be honest that ain’t how I’m feeling

Money driving people to be living man I can’t explain it that’s a different demon

We see the people at the top just running everything and everybody want a piece

Kamikaze cause the way is super shotty make you feel like you can never sleep

Hyped up with the mic up, when the lights off Issa different story

Dark mind in a dark room in a dark house Issa bit gory

Mask on then the mask off it’s the same thing I can see the Future

But If only people knew you, right?
Yeah maybe I’m feeling wavy
I wish that I could really stay please
It’s not a thing for the daily
If only you would try to save me
(Verse 2)
Stuck in a universe that never existed

Imagination fading never wanted to end it

I’m crying for help, coming back to myself

And my mind, and my thoughts, the world of everyone else

Don’t wanna change things, don’t wanna leave

Back to the universe I wear my heart on my sleeve

And my demons are waiting for me tryna catch up to me

And I’m running forever running til I’m gone and deceased

Everything fading and it’s going to black

The destruction of all the universe I formally had

Euphoria short lived, now it’s back to the past

Where I last had my residence I don’t wanna go back, I don’t

But it’s too late..

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