"Thinking Out Loud"

Vibe with me
Vibe with me

[Verse 1]
Loyal to the soil, word to main I never break
In the world of oppotunist hella people fake
Most these women selfish and these men full of emotion
But I don't let it phase me and I know you've taken notice
What happened to the real?
I miss you n***as so
In the world full of billions sometimes I feel alone
Talkin' to the clouds out loud, how did it come to this?
The game is why the [?] timelines and it's the proof of this
The truth is this
They wanna crucify the message
Created in god's image, no I will never let it
What happened to the world Lord?
[?] it's probably where your favorite rapper at

It's all about the dollar so they ask me what it cost
If it's money over moral, everything is what we lost

Cause they know it
He don't listen

[Verse 2]
Uh uh
He don't listen, she don't listen
Cause they know it
You can give 'em everything, but they still blow it
Ego on a billion
Wisdom on zero
Ignorance on infinity
Anybody is their hero
Heavy is the head of he who wears the crown
But my head sky high, never lookin' at the ground
Focused on the future
Appreciate the present
Life is the greatest gift, better treat it like the present
Loyalty over love
Humans switch it up like weather
I ain't cut from a club, I'm cut from something better
It's all about the dollars so they ask me what it cost
If it's money over moral everything is what we lost

If it's money over everything then we have nothing
You see, money is based on belief
So if we didn't believe in it it wouldn't be money
You gotta use things and appreciate people
Not use people and appreciate things

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