Fifty Grand


[Chorus: Fifty Grand]
What life awaits?
It doesn’t have to glow
Let me just lie alone again
If words find their way
It doesn’t matter when I banish myself to sin again
If words find their way
It doesn’ t matter when
Finally they got their day

[Verse 1: Kden]
King of the fall
Relive it all
Without a call
I’m left to stall
There is nothing left to hold me back and leave
I was there for me when you ain’t care to be
Retrieve my life
Know what is right
Your light is bright
Done out of spite
I’m never coming back to you again
I’m gone forever fading in the wind
You climb the heights you never thought you’d reach
They get torn down before you now you weep
So now you think you’ll never make it back
You made it once restart you’ll get those claps
That’s all you wanted right some recognition
In the end the fame was your one mission
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