Fifty Grand

"Beating Something Dead"

I hate how much I miss it
Sick of screaming good night princess
You always sit above my head with
Tears and air pods in

And I wonder where you went
While I’m in the background
How much harder can it get
I’m sorry if i lashed out
I’m always so upset
Now I won’t make a damn sound
You’re beating something dead
Why don’t you put your hand down

Is this how it ends
How could I forget now
I’m honestly impressed
Go party at your friends house
I’m so over this
Ill just keep my head down
We’ve always been a mess living in a glass house

Leaving cracks where I stood
And inside of us
I thought that I could
Fix it every time but
Wherever I was
You would find a way to beat me again
Against the glass every time
Leaving scratches that I would patch and say will be fine
I apologize
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