Ice Spice
[Intro: Meek Mill]
Yeah, like, I'm the baddest bitch walkin'
Like, it's nuancin' me
He's really villainese, goin' every day (Chaser, Chaser)
(Stop playin' with 'em, Riot)
And it's just like pain for everythin', haha
I'll call you right now, wait, hold on
(Stop playin' with 'em, Riot)

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
You thought I was feelin' you? (Drippin') Bitch, you easy to fuck
You know I'm from Philly, I'm greasy as fuck
Whatever I said, I was greasin' you up (Whatever I said)
You thought I was feelin' you? (Thought I was what?)
You leavin' the what?
That money I gave you weren't even enough
That one in the lick, I'll keep you up (For real though)
I'ma really poppin', let's keep it a bean
I'm from Philly, say what do you mеan?
You tight, bitch, I don't wanna be seen
If we fuck, don't bring out my name
I don't еven wear that shit they wear
I come through Louis, A1, they clean
She fucked him for somethin' to get back
But I'm like "Shh", 'cause he on the team (He was a member)
And she wonder why she unseen
Low-ass Glock with the clip, hangin' out in the flashlight
It came with a beam, gotta see in the dark (Peekaboo)
Snake-ass n***as try to slide
Y'all n***as gon' bleed, I'm playin' my part (Ayy)
Pretty lil' vibe, I ain't even gotta give her no cheat
She take it back far (True), breathe (Breathe), breathe (Breathe)
Do you know who we are? (You're so fancy, yeah)
Pull up in the hood with a chopstick, .223s, they'll go do a car (Brr)
He got smoke with me, he know he better not go in no bars (Better not)
'Cause I get right in my back with this cash, real quick, stop goin' too far (Too far)
Blitz (Blitz), my young n***a don't miss (Don't miss)
She had fun with my homie, cool, she know we ain't ever gon' kiss (Don't kiss)
Finesse, it's cool when they do it, I do it, they pissed (They pissed)
Impressed, I hit it two times and I wanted to flood out her wrist
Do what I want, I turn her my bitch
Blue red Birkin, no blood, no Crip
Know I'm for certain, ain't tellin' on shit
Just give me my time and send me my flicks
Call my mom, she'll get me a lawyer
Do my push-ups, come back, brick
I used to always tell my P.O., you lock me up, I'ma come back rich
You pop at us, I'ma come back quick (Brr), spin, do it again (Spin)
You and your friend or one that's twin, give it a kiss while I'm puttin' it in
I had dropped this shit, no reason, I'm on fire, I'm puttin' it in
I'm at the top floor, Air Force season, G29 on my Glock .10, yeah
[Chorus: Meek Mill & Kur]
Gang (Slide)
You thought I—
You thought I was feelin' you? (You thought I was—)
(You thought I was feelin' you?)
(Stop playin' with 'em, Riot)
Nah (You thought I was—)
You thought you was runnin' that shit on me like that?
(Stop playin' with 'em, Riot) (Let's get it)

[Verse 2: Kur]
You thought I was feelin' you? (Uh) I was, but it wasn't that much
You had got lucky when I hit your butt, hotels in the ducky, did that for a month like (Real talk)
You thought I was feelin' you? (Yeah, yeah) I was just caught in a lust
Your new n***a, he ain't important enough
If he ask, would you tell him I bought you that stuff? (I mean)
These hoes fake, let's keep it a bean
Young Seven Nine, oh, I go by Hajeem (Yeah)
Her shit is fatal when it's out of jeans
I'm hearin' the splatter, I'm watchin' it gleam
I like it waxed and I need it clean
I made her look back, ate her out while she scream
Anythin' goes, just say "Please" (Come on)
That's what she told me while she on her knees
I'm from the road, I rep fourteen (Yeah)
You know my mode, collect more beans (Yeah)
It hurt they soul when I succeed
Hurt a lil' more when I cop them keys
Made her suck dick, but I'm not gon' eat (What else?)
Sike, you know I'ma eat it, my face where you should be seated
Don't take it easy, sluttin' these hoes at the Four Seasons, I don't take it easy (What?)
Been in this shit for her diamonds, still talkin' greasy, you best believe me (Let's get it)
Not sure what her boyfriend did, but she tryna fuck me and suck me and please me (Okay)
Snipin' 'em down in Cs (Let's get it), let's get it poppin', like Breezy (What?)
She textin' my phone, she textin' my phone, like "Feed me" (Yeah, yeah)
Bitches greedy
[Chorus: Meek Mill & Kur]
Gang (Come on)
You thought I— (Hell, nah)
You thought I was feelin' you? (Needy)