Ice Spice
Don’t Think*
Lyrics from snippet

(Stop playin' with 'em, RIOT)

I try not to think, done with that n***a, I don’t wanna link (Don’t wanna link)
It’s tan with some pink, n***a he feenin’, I’m up on the sink (Up on the sink)
Don’t push me further, bitch, I’m on the brink
Now you a stranger but you was my stink (You was my stink)
Like, “fuck did I think?”, got a new n***a in less than a blink (Grrah)

I don’t do too much, need it, I take it, like I’m in a rush (I’m in a rush)
Run up, you done up, I turn you to dust
One uppin’ bitches from sunup to dusk
If you won’t fix me, then she out of luck
Call up her n***a, like, I wanna fuck (Grrah)
It’s really that easy, watch how these n***as they really be greasy (Really be greasy)