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"Rack City Remix"

Big up BG Media
Big up the mandem
You know how it is

I shoot man just like a target
If you want to clash Dan, he's the hardest
I'll put you down like my dog did
This b*tch [?] I'll half it
If you want to meet me I'm in the market
I've got bars not off the chart list
I've just started as an artist
Pull up in a fat whip, par it
Bun a fat haze and spark it
Man I come back in the dark sh*t
I don't do grafts, just hard shifts
5 in the morning 'till half 6
Man I come back with the hard clip
Man I take shots with your ex-chick
Tell her "come round, watch Netflix"
Man I swear down, it's the best sh*t
Man I go home and he's resting
Pour a fat glass, it's the best ting
When I see you, man are wrestling
When I see you, man are wrestling
I switch flows like I change hoes
I'll get you all moving about on your toes
I'll get you all smashed up in Mo's
Your bird keeps linking my phone
Block block that sh*t, that sh*t's getting no
Pop pop, start shooting my gun
Mandem it's getting cold
Don't shout off your mouth
Prove this boy he knows he's about
f*ck that, what my hand out
All you do is flap out
All I do is stand out
Walk into the gaff with the Grey Goose
Pour a glass fam, do I rate you?
Nah, do I f*ck, fam? I f*cking hate you
Blaze a fat zoot then cremate you
All I'm trying to do is make my bros proud
NW, free I take sh*t into my own hands
Rubber gloves and a gun and a loan, man
Going in with my own gang
You must know fam
I rocked you with my own hands
Was you stuck with your boys in the past?
When you hit the future there's no going back
Big gaffs, no flats
Big gaffs, no flats
Big gaffs, no flats
Bare blue lights, in the evening
Going in hard, better feeding
Keep belling up my phone, they're feeling
Like a fat zoot, start dreaming

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