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[Verse 1: BMX Ben]

I used to sit at home
All i did was play games
But all that was before
I rose up to my fame
I used to vibe the rappers
Just like Lil Wayne
But then I thought to myself
"Man this is f*cking lame
Nowadays all this music
Is just the f*cking same"
That's when I decided
Making music was my aim
All this hate just helped form
The person I became
Nowadays all people do
Is b*tch and complain
Do something with your life
Only stay true to you
And all you haters out there
This is also for you
Life isn't all about swag, drugs, and alcohol
You may think you're cool now
And that you're walking tall
That only lasts until
You trip and f*cking fall
So don't slip and let your life
Go down hill
And don't think you can escape
By popping the latest pill
Just remember all the sh*t you do
Is at your own will
But eventually you'll realize
That you have no f*cking skill
Then you'll be wondering why you can't afford your bills

[Verse 2: Ice Chilly]
Yo microphone
Plug in
Check it out
All the new school rappers
Better shut they mouths
I ain't asking for much
Just something less sh*tty
An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a titty
Pretty girl
Let me rock your world
Flowing and knowing
And hipping and hopping
Like an abysmal pearl
I'll come to the party
But you gotta start it
Dancehall style in the house
Girl blew me like a trumpet
Let the horn section go off
And I'll be sure to orchestrate
Can't help you with quadratics
But I can sure math-debate
My flow is all mixed up
But it makes more cents than you
Picking coins up off the ground
Like you was a typical Jew
Racist but the basis
Is not what you're thinking
Won't treat you any different
Whether you're black, green, or Incan

[Verse 3: White Mamba]

A lot of crappy music now
Stays on the charts
Just a young rap group
Looking for a start
Other rappers what they lack
Is the heart
Rapping about things
That no one gives a f*ck
Now here comes a group
Ready to change it all
Got you focused
Like you overdosed on Adderall
Rapping about the real
That's what we all about
Shout-out to Ice Chilly
For making all the ladies shout
Gunning for the top
Yea we rising out
So all the sh*tty artists
Can just start quitting now

[Verse 4: Darth Vapor]

I forgot to turn my swag off
When I jacked off
In my dads car
f*cking BBW made me c*m hard
Prostitutes on my di*k
Now b*tches have my crabs and ticks
Soliciting goons we in some serious sh*t
Hood-rat sh*t
We F your chicks
f*ck getting high
We pop molly at Ice Chilly's crib
Look at all these bums
Selling drugs by the block
All these fags
Obey hats
But Supreme is where it's at
f*ck all the music
We need another Biggie
So that is what we'll be

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