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Nova Rockafeller

"Dear Nova"

And when I started had a heart full of fire
Stomach fulla hunger, scars from the liars
I got mad weed but I can never find my lighter
They tried to break me down but I am strong like a tiger

Smoke my bowls, broken and beautiful
See so much sh*t with no pharmaceuticals
Drunk and the sidewalk, city under my feet
Walk 100 blocks tryna figure out why I'm me

And i been hurt, but thats mine like a secret
Somewhere in a shadow where you you can't see it
Only i will know the sh*t i been through
And i'll probably never tell you the truth

I will keep the f**king pain to myself - -
I'll pretend I'm not a mess, and just cells
I'll keep the f**king rapes to myself
And the hate for myself to myself
Like everybody else

Streets so dark and the park looks bright
Jumping off swings, tryna reach new heights
Hitting bowls in the slides, counting stars in the skies
My reflection in the window, i get lost in my eyes

I look into the moments as they all coincide
Block time, and i'm with myself on all those sh*tty nights
Sitting on a suitcase, under city lights
Had to run away because it wasn't really right

Took so many planes, met so many faces
Fell in love so often, broke in all the same places
I could hear a voice, it sounded like a boy
Drink cuz he get louder when I'm wasted

And i laugh when my exes get stabbed, cuz i'm a bad person
f**k me
And he hits me up and i don't give a damn, cuz i'm not that person
Who leaves
No - I will stay and drown, i wanna be trapped under as it crumbles to the ground
Crooked is my crown, yelling f**k it i'm down
And throwing everything in reach

You left your sh*t and i covered it in bleach
I can tear apart the world that we created in a week
And i can't f**king help but tell everyone i meet
When i crawl upon stage, and throw my heart under your feet
I'm throwing everything in reach
I'm throwing everything in reach

Remember me. Betty with mean right swinger
The one you wanna dine out but don't like dinner
Who catch you with a side ho and throw an appliance
If you didn't want war why'd you break the alliance

Breech - throwing everything in reach
Man i covered hella sh*t in gasoline or bleech
I will set fire to the sheets
I will f**king cut you until you're meat

Dear Nova
If I could tell you sh*t
You'll forgive yourself for everything you did
Every heart you broke, and every time you shattered
And how you'd do it all again, like a pattern

One day you'll go to meetings. the pain will turn laughter
They'll write you big checks, and you'll think it doesn't matter
You just want to rap, and you know you'll go to hell and back
To tell the world they're dying and nobody wants to tell em that

But that's one day, that's one too many days away
I know you wanna die you'll barely make it through today
And every single guy you fall in love with walks away
Cuz they don't have the same pain in them that makes you grey

Dear Nova, I'm from another plane
I know sometimes you hear me in your brain
When you dumb high, I think you went insane
I'm the person that you come to with your pain

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