The Whispers Lyrics

Gorillaween, Vol. 2 (2019)

Motion Siccness (2016)

Wonderland Of Misery 2 (2014)

Thankful (2009)

For Your Ears Only (2006)

Song Book Volume One - The Songs of Babyface (1997)

Toast to the Ladies (1995)

Christmas Moments (1994)

More of the Night (1990)

Just Gets Better with Time (1987)

Love for Love (1983)

Do You Like Our Music? (1981)

Love Is Where You Find It (1981)

This Kind of Lovin’ (1981)

Imagination (1980)

Happy Holidays to You (1979)

Whisper in Your Ear (1979)

Headlights (1978)

Open Up Your Love (1977)

One for the Money (1976)

Bingo (1974)

Planets of Life (1973)

Life and Breath (1972)

The Whispers’ Love Story (1972)

Medicated Consumption

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