Rejjie Snow

"For a Girl"

(Rejjie snow)
I ain't mad at you
I gotta keep my fam happy
She still be on that black magic
All that love for my tam mattress
She told me i'm a damn savage
I gotta be the man granny
I gotta keep my fam happy
(aha, aha, aha, aha)

(Moxie Raia)
So what' you saying? (Saying)
Boy stop playing (playing)
Cause i'm running out of patience and of time
Your body's in it
So stop pretending
That you don't wanna lie next to me tonight

(Rejjie snow & Moxie Raia)
If I keep running would you be mine? (I ain't mad at you)
You better hurry, I got work at night (I ain't mad at you)
If I say sorry would you be fine?
Ohh, stop with all the questions get me high

(Rejjie Snow)
So dear Annie
I'm geeking I need fanny
I'm frantic I'm uncertain
I'm calling to you thanking
And those blood stained sheets
And those Madlib beats
And that gold in your teeth
I'm a motherf**ker

She know my bad habits
Cause i'm a damn savage
I call her skinny legs
She calls me really heavy
I know your mama Rejjie
I hate to call you Rejjie
And all you f**king rappers
Be acting real dusty
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