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Black Sheep

"Pass the 40"

n*gga, come off. Check this out. Check this out
Listen all this sh*t y'all talking ain't got no frills
We'll pass the 40 around and weill see who's got some skills, I mean
If you got 'em you got 'em and if you don't
(I got skins. I got skins.)
...you're over. So Mista Lawnge, listen, I give this brew to you
I'm gonna pour some out for my man pee-wee. (Pee-Wee!)
And do what you gotta do, all right black. Bust it

[Verse One : Mista Lawnge]
I'm the suger di*k daddy
f*ck what you think
Pass the 40 right by me
Cause you know I don't drink
I remain sober when I drop a hit
But I put gum in my ass cause I like to pop sh*t
When it comes to pullin' gums I might do it
But put your guard up Black
And Ima run right through it
Don't sleep on the size
Thinkin' I'm easy to beat
Cause I'll be up in that ass like a bike seat
And when it comes to boneing I'm Mr Erecticy
Hoes come by the crib for a free histerectomy
I ive got a di*k that I brag about
I put it in fast then I drag it out
Girls, I'll be the special friend see
Cause your man suffers from pseudo-p*nis envy
I do damage, Oh, Uhm
The Sugar di*k is guarantied to make you come
Now I pass the 40 cause you heard from me
So, go get a forklift Chi-Ali

[Verse Two : Chi-Ali]
Well I'm too young for 40's, and too young for blunts
The only thing I'm not too young for is the stunts
The girlies, the ladies, I love them with a passion
But back to the mic cause I'm always down for action
Many M.C.'s fall to the dust
Some will rust cause I bust and I crush
You can't touch
I'm the child of the wild, the flavor of the nile
I gave you plenty of chances still ya f*ck with this style
Now that you know, Chi-Ali can't be tooken
Pass the 40 cause my mother's not looking

[Verse Three : Diggedy Dog?]
Yo give me that, kid. You pah will put you in the mourge
Listen to hot diggity dog
Bibb bow wow wow wow wow
Yipity yie yo, yipity yo yie yeah
Digity dog is rockint and
Yes, I'm definitly here to stay
Pass me 40. Pass me 40, pass it if you may
Because my jiumy is hard and yes I have a ho to slay
And when I'm funkint the b*tches they go huhhhhhh
When I'm funkin' the b*tches they go huhhhhhh
Youtall drink the 40, I drink a Guiness Staught
And when I see you home, I'm out-
Yo Baby Chris, pass me the keys to the car
I'm runnin late for my menage-a-trois

[Verse Four: Chris Lighty]
Pass it, tap it, and then crack it
Take a small swig
Or down it like a pig
You too tippys to operate this rig
I'm a mike, You suckers I strike in filght
Here's a DWI for drivin' drunk with the mike
From Chi to Lawnge and all those in this fight
Loosen your grip cause you're houlding it to tight
Itll take a body count, I know my body count is right
Five drunk n*ggers from my left to my right
And maybe a ho that I'm with tonight
But it's all right. Yo! It's all right
So Dave my grip is getting weak
Grab the 40 so I can hear you speak

[Verse Five : Dave Gossett]
I live large, caviar and limos
Spent most of my time refusing bullsh*t demos
Can you understand, do you you understand
Well let me explain I'm the A and R man
Dave Gossett. Yes I rock it
I rip the mike and I stuff pockets
Don't believe me, ask the Sheep see
They got the money, think it's funny
Always scooping all the honey
Opps. I ment to say hoes
Broke my own rhyme
What'ca didn't know, ut oh
I see a stroblelite ho, I gotta go, I gotta go
Yo Dres, it'syour turn
Act like gonnarhea and burn baby burn

V[erse Six: Dres]
Step into the booth
And give em proof
That Black Sheep don't need jack to get loose
And rip a roof, the center too
You're in my f*ckin way so move
And let a n*gga get smooth
Honeys play me close cause my goods are on display
So, I play em like vitamins and take a ho a day
I pull em like a dentist
MoId em like a teacher
Knock em like a bowler
Fleece em like a preacher
Step, get a man, go to school, join a band
It makes no difference whether
Dres is that type of brother
That will hit that ass forever
Cause I'm clever, ever
Never ever, hav i lost my sight
Or said might or went a boneless night
Not talkin bout chicken
But if she's finger lickin
I will let it be known
Don't bite the bone
Micraphones I like em cause they let me amplify
So don't reach for the sky, you know you can't fly
But still you reach up higher, a Black Sheep-type desire
Then you look up at me cause I'm a frequent flyer
So now you got beef chief
Grief will be your claim
I sport a full metal jacket
Give your beef some lo mein
Cause I'm swingin like a swinger
Singing like a singer
I'm lookin for your [fendahl]
Or your ho so did you bring her
Ah I'm just bullsh*ttin
Almost time for quittin
There's money to be made
And booty to be hittin
Look and you will see
Dres that's who I be
A divine incline of mine is studio time

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