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Black Sheep

"Are you mad?"

[Various hardheads and one leader of the crew confront Dres]

[The hardheads]
Yo, That's that kid from Black Sheep! Word G, sh*t. What's up? What's up man? What's up? Let's do this

[Leader] What's up? Yo man, why don't you be kicking some records about, y'know, the upliftment of the blacks
[Hardhead #1] Word up, about the black skyships
[Hardhead #2] And the eating of the dolphins
[Hardhead #3] Word, coats!
[Hardhead #4] And the hole in the ho-zone

[Dres] Yo, bust it, I kick about things that I know about, y'know what I'm saying?

[Leader] I don't wanna hear that! If you don't start making some records that I like and I can put my mind into, we are going to f*ck YOU UP!

[Dres] You're gonna what?

[Leader] Yo, did I stut-stutter, motherf*cker? I said, we are going to f*ck YOU UP!

[Dres] *laughing*, Yeah yeah

[Hardhead] Yo, what the f*ck are you laughing at? *gun c*cking*

[Dres] Check this out...

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