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Z Money

"I Got Blocks"

Yeah, go, uh
Know how we coming, n***a
Chiraq mogul
ChaseTheMoney, ChaseTheMoney

I got blocks, I got Ps
Serving rocks for 60 Gs for a key
I got guap, big Glock, codeine on the rocks
LV from my teeth, hehe, for my socks
Rest in peace [?] D, I can’t stop
Every n***a ‘round me got a knot
Drug dealing jobs, making pit stop
Make the dope lock in the pot
Let some hoes watch, god damn
It’s 6 o’clock, junkie won’t stop, god damn
My trap booming, got my trap hot

Got to bring it back, the chicken talking and two blickys
Where he at? Can’t get a saw, you can get it raw, just pay a tab
Junkies following, I’m not no [?], what she saying?
It’s 10am up in the morning, sold a thousand bags
To kill like every f**king thing, my codeine habit’s bad
Just sip a pint right to the face, ay, now she mad
So f**king fast, getting cash, in my heroin bag
Forever hustling, so my cash gon’ forever last
I’ma buy your b*t*h, she [?] with her bag [?]
Cooking cocaine with a fork and scrape the side
I got on my knees and cried when my plug died
For my bud, we gon’ slide, pull up, homicide
In the ground, pop a pyramid when I’m tired
It’s 60k up in the ‘vert, we still alive
Z Money ‘bout to go to work, I’m selling pies
You know my trap is going berserk, so why you eying?
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