My Samurai

Zach Boucher

Verse 1 - NoneLikeJoshua [Mugen]
Let me be a wild child that you revile
See how I spit upon your grave with a freestyle
Meanwhile sword is coming at you when my feet roundhouse into your mouth
Now I’m adding you to the deceased pile

I’m drinking sake with a hottie, eatin yaki
Don’t be botherin me when I’m tryin to party
Time to make you and your crew say sorry
Even for a lady I ain’t holding back for anybody

Wishing Jin had worn the make up and kimono when he fought me

Then I’d win, I’m hardly even trying, why you stopping?
See my blade has got you contemplating еvery move like a pawn to a king
I’ll brеak it down, watch me do my dance, then your face to the ground
Like you take a bow but the show ain’t over 'til I get to take the crown

And sell it in some Asian town for some food and lay around
Gamble all my money 'till I’m chilling with some ladies out in Tokyo
Slicing all your homies, bro, you don’t want to owe me dough
My sword is like a drug, then you’ll overdose

Chorus - Chi-Chi [Fuu]
Get down we the Edo era
Break down the ties that you sever
Hold up, you better watch your back
My samurai, samurai
Slaying the way like Tokugawa
Following the path of sun flowers
Hold up, you better watch my back
My samurai, samurai, samurai

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