Eevee Cypher

Zach Boucher

[Verse 1: Eevee (CamVGRB)]
Y'all know me, still the same Eevee
The old 133, but I been low key
Tryna level since the Kanto streets
So I'm really more than normal when I slam those beats

For generations, new evolutions
Brought revolutions, now introducing
All the brothers that the others have been strivin'' for
'Cause I'm sayin' that this ain't even my final form

[Verse 2: Vaporeon (SL!CK)]
Heard he talking hot, I'mma wet him up (Grrrrr)
Got so much drip, need a sippy cup (Drip, drip, drip)
Pull up on these cats with the ice beam (Yuh!)
Come and ride my wave baby, surf's up (Gang, gang!)

Water splash on that b*t*h, Aquafina my drip
Water gun, put the Hydro Pump to his mit
Hydraulics on thе whip, I use pearls for the rims
I'mma sеrve on a hoe, watch 'em drown when I spit

[Verse 3: Jolteon (Rustage)]
Shocking to your ligaments, I be cranking the voltage up
Currents causing dissonance, ACDC, you're Thunderstuck
Loud I know you're listening, bringing noise how I interrupt
Gori Gori Enel how I'm feeling like a God (Uh)

Call me Sparky, I blow out like Kaminari
Static shock, no Virgil, run circles, you can't harm me
Conducting it like Killua, well, you better bring an army
Defibrillator, I will end this in a heartbeat

[Verse 4: Flareon (Mat4yo)]
Already came with a Flame Chamber
3K degrees, I'm burning the state of nature
I blaze it, like a volcano when I turn green leaves fire red
Now that's a game changer!

Heat Wave's coming and I'll spare no survivors
Each day's sunny when I flare like a lighter
Ain't no mountain higher than the kind where I'll be piling up your graves
Like I'm on Pyre!

[Verse 5: Espeon (Zach Boucher)]
They're picking me over the rest, B
I'm a gem, every gen, like I'm on the SP
I could use some friendship, you don't wanna test me
Never need a sunshard, unless I'm on XD
Next me? Nah

I see the future, it's gonna be gone fast
When I'm psyched up and deliver a stong blast
You're a copy and now you've messed with the wrong cat
So I'm switching out when I hit 'em with Baton Pass

[Verse 6: Umbreon (DizzyEight)]
Black out on the track 'cause I'm a dark type
Back in with your girl, she told me that she into dark types
Yeah, move smooth through a dark night
Synergized when I'm synchronized with the moonlight (Howl)

Yeah, I got venom in my veins
Get me hot like the sun then I might just let it spray
I ain't come to play
In the shadow where I lay
Oh, you thought that you were safe, but really you was prey (prey, prey, prey)

[Verse 7: Leafeon (GameBoyJones)]
It don't need to be autumn for you to fall!
No Jack, but you know that I be poppin' off!
Yeah, I got the green, stepping on the scene
And I keep on winning, call me Charlie Sheen!

Grass-type but you know that I will take you to the ground!
You a coconut the way that I just put you in a mound!
Oh, wow! Now you're out here deceased
This ain't Naruto, but don't mess with the leaf! (Believe it!)

[Verse 8: Glaceon (Connor Quest!)]
Ice drip on me, this is a bop drink, Vossi
On the rocks, getting cake like the icing topping
You're the polar opposite, try and copy what I got
'Cause a Blizzard it's just straight over, watch

I don't own a watch, but know the wrist still cold
All over the shop, like I drift in snow
You're wafer-thin, I'm gonna chip this cone
I seal the deal, but you'll still be froze

[Verse 9: Sylveon (None Like Joshua)]
Yeah, it's Sylveon, b*t*h
Want to start sh*t? Better calm your tits
I disarm your clique when my aura emits
Then your trainer gave a draining kiss on my tip

Moonblast on her back, then I have to dip
Ghost ride the tail whip, my ribbons are lit
Yeah, I got so many bows, I'm lavish and thicc
Baby doll eyes make a dragon hit it and quit (Uhh)

[Verse 10: Eevee (CamVGRB)]
Y'all did not anticipate (No!)
Me to run it back this way (No!)
But I cannot run away
I adapt to change, I'm in all the games

When in battle may come in cracking eggs
Then I'm tackling, I'm that fox!

I'm the baddest face, check that box!
'Cause Eevee squad does not take no loss!

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