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Money Man

"Dark Web"

[Verse 1: Money Man]
Im learning im focused
These n*ggas so garbage exotic its potent
That lambo i drove it
My Cutlass a hotbox
My lil n*gga stole
My geek up at Starbucks he hacking some info
She wanna f*ck all the time she a nympho
Got me a laptop and hop on a Tor
I was swiping in cities that really ain't hip to it
I see them rack and im running real quick to em
I treat her right even thought im just f*cking her
Ain't got no time cause i gotta go run it up
Ain't have a damn as a jit i was coming up
Walk into Gucci and proceed to f*ck it up
Thats just the proceeds from raping the Internet
I want your soul
I want your intellect
I want your body
My plug say he got me but i do not need em cause
Cause im on the Dark Web
And faithfully eating
My friend he Korean he gave me some secrets
He borderline Genius
We moving in secrecy
Watch how u speak to me
I hit the west and they give em so cheap to me
Just went to best buy and bought me a hotspot
When im in the trap house, sold all these P's to feed my lil daughter

[Verse 2:BC Shooter]
I blow tho Cookie and this sh*t extravagant
Grow God done started some stuff with this hacking sh*t
This sh*t got me feeling like man f*ck all this trappin sh*t
Been bout 4 weeks since i got me a package in
Plug keep on calling me i know that he mad at me
This computer sh*t this sh*t is high gravity
I made a couple mill so you can't be mad at me
[?] bread and i took care of my family
Bought me some choppas for robbers who after me
This sh*t right here that im [?]
I done stayed down and i got me a lot of racks
Through these Balenciaga's seen alot of sh*t
BC the army and we really popping sh*t
Put this in the water and come place your order
We really get money while they do the opposite
Burning this sh*t like i just hit the lottery
Copycat n*ggas they gone try to copy me

[Verse 3:Money Man]
Tapping yo wifi
My diamonds they hifi
Them dead hundreds scifi
Im smoke strong like Popeye
Swiping for furniture
Porsche's be burgundy
Robbers wanna lurk on me
Haters wanna murder
Tell that lil b*tch i bought her a surgery
She on her knees giving thanks and she serving me
Just went to Icebox im swiping for jewlery
Pull out that FN cause n*ggas ain't cool with me
Yo boyfriend a b*tch and he broke and he lazy
Im selling exotic to take care of my baby
BC the Navy we sit at the table we run our own label
Financially stable
I shoot at these n*ggas cause they so ungrateful
My b*tch took a sack
She got so many bags she got so many shoes
She got so many clothes
She stay to herself she dont f*ck with these hoes
I stay to myself i dont f*ck with these n*ggas
n*ggas just jealous im one of the realist
I go inside her she really gone feel it
Im stacking these blue hundreds up to the ceiling
Im parking this Bentley truck right front of the building
My shirt made in Italy
Shoes is Sicilian
Im making millions so f*ck how they feeling
Quit all that cappin
You never will kill it

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