Money Man


(Yo, Nflated, spice that b*t*h up)

Burnin' on Lilikoi in some Louis corduroys
R.I.P. Kobe Bryant, R.I.P. 24
I can make a cool 50K in less than twenty-four hours
Ridin' with the pack through the Tennessee mountains
VPN, SOCKS, and at least three routers
I'ma thumb through it, I don't need no counter
Had to resuscitate a b*t*h, my neck almost drowned her
I got oil, I got hemp, I got wax, I got flower
Burnin' on pre-roll, finna go to Pluto
Drippin' real hard when I'm hoppin' out two-door
I just met a psychedelic plug named Hugo
Thirty laptops in my motherf**kin' condo
White collar diamonds, n***a ballin' like Lonzo
These n***as overrated like Joe Flacco
Feelin' like Jim Jones, n***a, I'm a capo
I'ma flip the Rolls-Royce, I'm feelin' like Pop Smoke

Banana Cream Cake in my motherf**kin' hemp wrap
If I don't like the smell, then the pack get sent back
If I don't like his energy, I push a n***a sh*t back
Making hash oil, listening to Bank, Big Facts
Making hash oil, listening to Scream, Big Facts
All that slick talkin' finna get a n***a kidnapped
Gelonade got a n***a finna go and lift off
I'ma empty out the magazine when I'm p*ssed off
I'm on that Wedding Pie, it got me geeked
My b*t*h hit it twice and then she went to sleep
I drop bud on the clock with the perfect technique
I'ma hit from the rear, I wan' grab her obliques
I ain't got time in the day for my females be mad at me
Internet racks, I'ma run it up rapidly
She know I'm vicious, I'm f**kin' her savagely
She know I get racks, she know my mentality
Grew up in the trap watching Kobe yam on a n***a
Pull up in the Porsche, yeah, the Pan' on a n***a
Yeah, pull up in the Dodge, yeah, the Ram on a n***a
Anybody try, yeah, I'ma blam on n***as
Only hit banks, got fifty different cred' lines
Turn a lady's son to a FOX 5 headline
I was over drippin', I should start my own clothing line
Got two jits, dawg, I'll die for both of mine
I ain't never satisfied 'til my money increase
f**ked up the profile, too many inquiries
They be low-key hatin', I can hear 'em whispering
All these baguette chains, you can see 'em glimmering
Had to make a U-turn, I just seen a roadblock
I ain't playin' no games, I ain't sparin' no opps
It's a full moon now, so I'm burnin' Moon Rock
Livin' off schemes, why is he on tip-top?
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