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Gudda Gudda

"Hood Nights"

[Verse 1: Gudda Gudda]
Uh huh*
Young Money muhf*cker
Trae I got'cha
Even if ya not listening you goin hear me
Real n*ggas love me and them other n*ggas feel me
Pourin up the purple sh*t puffin on the ziggy
Top down on the coupe, b*tches askin who is he?
Gudda Gudda b*tch the name rangin every city
Real n*gga music they talk it I doos it
All about the money so the track I abuse it
Been drankin all day, I done dunked the whole cruiser
Name a n*gga better, the place I'm right in front of me
I lay em face down in the street right in front of me
Gun to his back bullets coming out the front
Make examples outta n*ggas cause he shouldn't of never front on me
Miserable n*ggas and misery loves company
I keep a two neen's in the shoutgun company
Young Money, ABN that's the mob
We take it old money don't quit'cha day job

[Verse 2: Trae Tha Truth]
Tippin inside some hood sh*t, beating my life away
Four in the morning thuggin can't get seen in the light of day
Terrorizing the city tell em I got the right of way
A n*gga jump outta place and I collect with a righter way
This burner like the trip it might end up taking yo waist off
So bullets show direction like Wayne blowing yo face off
They throw and hit your block with this chopper and f*ck ya place off
Have a ticket to the district attorney to blow the case off
I'm on this street sh*t, riding like a renegade
Wrist something refresher stones same color lemonade
You be stupid to think to run up on me
b*tch I got n*ggas bigger than Shaq outta dressing me as they big homie
Neither of them as*h*le n*ggas I know you heard about em
And even on this 6 foot 6 won't get a word about em
b*tch I'm above my cash, money like Dwayne Carter
ABN and Young Money damn it ain't a team harder

[Verse 3: Jae Millz]
Fresh off the plane from La Guardia
Jae Millz
Time wait for no man so if you got no plan
Ya might as well get some steel toes and kick coke cans
You can be a had not my choice if ya wanna
But my choice is to go hard New V for the summer
n*gga I'm a hustla dead president's hunter
And for them dead presidents I'll hunt ya, I'll slump ya
Won't second guess I won't wonder
I let off that Kevin Durant feel the thunder!
MAAAH! Get the f*ck up out my way boy ya ought too
A broke conversation I'm the wrong one to talk too
I talk money and my money yeah it talk too
Just drove something dumb out the dealership off walk-toos
Both wrists froze b*tch and I'm never shook
A one way vacation I'll get em booked
The ticket charge free put it on me
Matta fact YME is Millz Trae and double G
That's murda
f*ck with it n*gga

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