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Gudda Gudda

"Murder Murder, Steel Steel"

Lil Wayne & T-Streets Talking:
Yeah! n*gga this the young god weezy baby what's ya name caddy?
T-streets n*gga
My n*gga streets telling me he need me & Gudda to eat a few n*ggas back up
Murder Murder Steel Steel
Holla at ya dude
Call the coronor man the track has just been murded

[Lil Wayne:]
Check me out
I, step up in this motherf*cker chest up
Only hot boy left up in this mother
Other n*ggas slept up but I kept up
n*ggas stepped down but I stepped up
In this motherf*cker
Let the squad up in this motherf*cker
Keep the wildin up we tear that whole side up in this motherf*cker
South side up in this mothef*cker, shouts fire outside uhhh
You and ya guys could die up in this motherf*cker
Young southern motherf*cker Weezy baby
Slash raw tune not a cartoon send a harpoon through ya heart soon if you walk to
Close to me, close shot, flow for mi me coast you
Can't see my flow I practice notes with the ghost, no joke, I'm
Realer than 16 days after 9/11
September 27th happy birthday weezy

[Gudda Gudda Talking:]
Yeah, nigaa its Gudda Gudda
All my street n*ggas stand up, all my Gudda n*ggas stand up
Ima give it to yall like this

I aim the thunder squeeze at ya shoulders
The chamber puff and breeze ya granola
Anger or hunger, no he's just a soldier
Gangsta Gudda, Gudda muhf*cker
What another muhf*cker gon tell high yella
Slim cat, send em where ya brim at & trim that
And at ya funeral, I don't why they sing this little light of mine, cause I dim that
I'm on that stem that, weezy get from Cam & the Dip-Mats
Y'all can't get that, flowing off that sh*t that
Come out that fat booga sack now I'm in the back with the Mac like
What chu lookin at ?
f*ck it gotta quit that, neva that, rude cat, get back
A cool presence but I'll merk any fool present
Fool I'm the neighborhood news message
& got you you n*ggas ahhh

[Lil Wayne Talking:]
That's gudda! n*gga
I'm bout to burn this sh*t back up
Hear ya boy out

This the south, and who could give it to you like me
Its been giving but you ain't hear it till ya like me
So therefore they're whores until they like me
This sh*t is hell boy, or what it might be
I'm 90 proof hustler, 10% human
Get the sh*t gloomy, strip the strip boomin
Get the script screwed in
Nina Ross get the clip screwed in, get ya clique screwed up
Me & my clique screwed up like the screwed up clique
Got the purple juice poured up the squad up sip
Then a purple coupe pulled up like "squad up here"
b*tches riding with n*ggas like "let me outta here"
My flow is very outta here
Listen ma, I know I say I get us here
But look dear ya baby boy went and got a year
Now I have not a fear
f*ck y'all Gudda comeback

[Gudda Gudda Talking:]
Man y'all don't want that troule man, that was trouble right there
& y'all don't want that lemme give it to y'all one more time

I move with the tool on my waistline
Shoes on the gray 5
Blues any fool tryna take mines
Been a fool since I was yay high
Stay high puffin Hershey, eyes yay high
Mami wanna ride you gotta mace mines
I mean put ya f*ckin face by my waistline
Gudda going hard at a b*tch I don't waste time
I'm from the state line where n*ggas get they cake like a baked pie
It's the city where the blocks is burnin, rocks and burners
The sh*t that keep ya pockets splurgin
Its Gudda Gudda watch the wheels when the drop is turnin
Like my wrist a lot of ice when the watch is turnin
Not concerned with dope fiends who's pockets hurtin
Squad up when we drop sh*ts locked for certain

[Lil Wayne Talking:]
sh*ts locked man
Click clack man

They say I'm too young, to know about the sh*t that I be talkin about
Man that's the sh*t I be talkin about
But f*ck the world and what they talkin about
If they ain't talkin bout this, then they ain't talkin bout sh*t
Listen I gotta, quarter of block, I stretch it let it harden & rock
Then show the hood what a bargain about, f*ck
I got shop I call it stock
Not on wall street I put the sh*t on y'all street now y'all feast
Yo word to the highest above
If so happen my raps don't fly I flip pies & such
Use my school knowledge mix science withdrugs
& I'm smart enough to know I'ma die as a thug
n*gga life's nothing but getting high off the bud, cause after that I feel like I could just die in love
For the streets I got dying love, 2 teardrops I'm crying for all my dying thugs
Embrace my pistol with bear-lion hugshugs, keep trying you lie in blood
Man n*gga I breath iron man m-my heart pump lion blood
And when I roar I grow wings and fly high above
Birdman, Junior in the skies above
The turbulance in the air make my tires rubs
I'm bout to drop down, Fee line me up
Perfect landing like (whistle noise)
"Hi, wassup?"

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