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Gudda Gudda


Jae Millz:
Hey, yo I heard your coach scream we can't stop em, we gotta injure em
n*gga off top I goes in like I'm entering
Young Money red devils all we do is win and then
Get our Michael Phelps on with these b*tches yeah we swim in them
Showing off this man enjoy, scrubs can't stand this boy
If they don't leave they hood then I'm coast to coast like Brandon Roy
And that internet dissin I ain't got the energy
Cuz n*ggas is tough talkers with queer tendencies
f*ck the kid sh*t im grown and bout my dollars
So Ima play Sabathia and you go play Posada
Catch this f*ckin heat I'm throwing at your f*ckin collar
And tell Big L I got em once we reach the heavenly father
n*gga I rep that up-town, call me Mr. harlem
My flow monumental like Madison Square Garden
My b*tch will air your squadrant, n*gga I beg your pardon
Don't get the rest of your motherf*ckin kids darkened, Millz!

Gudda Gudda:
Uhhh, yeah
I grab the mic and O.D. like I'm free basing
And we control sh*t, like free masons
Oh you a bold b*tch, a lot of E taken
I pita roll sh*t, a lot of teeth aching
Leave the scene vacant, Young Money cavemen
Ice on the rims, so we leave skatin
Neck full of gold, wrist full of glitter and
When we leave all the hoes follow like twitter
Flow sour type bitter, I'm a different type n*gga
Stomp n*ggas out yeah we typewrite a n*gga, then
Put em to bed yeah we night night a n*gga, I'm
Over your head like the zyguise n*gga, I could
Get you brain for the right price n*gga
Cuz these boys is pus*y like pie spice n*gga, I
Steam and cook em like hot rice n*gga
Misery with the gullotine chop dice n*ggas, uhhh

Mack Maine:
b*tch I'm Mack Maine, uh
You are now tuned in to one of realist to do this sh*t
I spit proverbs, they spit foolishness
I spit the truth and sh*t, they spittin tall tales
If life's a test, I pass and yall all fail
I bring you all hell, my words should be written in red
A psychic came up to me one day and this what he said
He said "Jermaine, on the mic, I can tell you nice
You touch hearts, you might be the second coming of Christ."
I said "No Blasphemy" and proceeded to some other sh*t
Like put my rubber on and holla "f*ck the government!"
Respect my mind motherf*cka, I'm a rider
As long as I'm alive ain't no law that I abide by
f*ck a drive, by we walk up and squeeze to get paid
This game ain't the same, Pac turning in his grave
If I dont make it to the top I know Gudda will
And I'mma help him call the shots, welcome to guddaville!

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