Gin Wigmore


[Verse 1]
You and I, we stole our highs and ran awhile with rosy eyes
I'd do it again if I'd survive
But that ain't worth the risk, for
Hand of gold but I can't let go
Breach of bones and broken toes
I've been told 'til heaven shows
The fight for freedoms futile

Bow down and hurt
Look what you do
To the woman who loves you
But I keep hoping for the best
To the girls that you try to fool
It's not what you say or do
It's all the many ways that you break us

[Verse 2]
Your kingdom fell and took apart
That little piece that made your heart
Get it back so you can be a better man than what we see
Cut the ties, I beg you please
I cannot take a soulless leap
Faith with you with me in tow
For me, it's not what I was sold
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