Magick Trick lyrics


[Verse 1:]
Desperate times call for desperate measures
I'm simply unable to keep myself together
And I want to remember what it was
That I did to make some sh*t up
To get you to think that I am what I'm not
I think it was magic, I think it was rotten
I think I can rebuild myself if I can lose you now
But I'm gonna have to learn to love myself and I don't f**king know how

So I cast an ancient spell
To reach a higher self
I try to no avail
I try, I always fail

[Verse 2:]
Yeah, it's a feeling that I get and I feel it deep within
And it rises from the bottom to the surface of my skin
And I arise out of the flames, a phoenix new and unrestrained
If that ain't magic then I don't know what is
But it's not something easy to explain
The more that you attack me, the more I lose my aim
And the more I lose my aim, the more hits that you can take
And you take, and you take, and you take, and you take

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