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"Girls (Fast Car Demo)"

[Verse 1]
Look like a girl but I think like a guy
Not ladylike to behave like a slime
Easy to be sleazy when you've got a filthy mind
You stick to your yogurts
I'll stick to my apple pie

Girls are not meant to fight dirty
Never look a day past thirty
Not gonna bend over and curtsy for you

Is there any possibility
You'll quit gossiping about me
To hide your insecurities
All you say is "blah, blah"
Girls they never befriend me
Because I fall asleep when they speak
Of all the calories they eat
All they say is "na na na na na" (na na na na na)
All they say is "na na na" (na na na na na)

[Verse 2]
Girls, oh girls, buying cheap magazines
Cut out the face and you cut out the dream
'Cause this was all you ever wanted to be
Give in and you go to fuel a new security
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