"Baby (First Version) [ft. Clean Bandit & Juan Magan]"

Se olvida porque solo le habla' de joya', botella', dinero

[Verse 1: MARINA]
Standing here in an empty room
I saw you there and my blood ran cold
Take me back to that long September
Don't know how I ever let you go

I was young, didn't know 'bout love
You were wild, couldn't get enough
Gave my heart to another lover
Don't know how I ever let you go

[Pre-Chorus: MARINA]
Find me in another place and time
If only, if only you were mine
But I'm already someone elsе's baby

[Chorus: MARINA]
Guess I had my last chance
And now this is our last dance
You fеll through the cracks in my hands
Hard to say it's over
But I'm already someone else's
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