[Chorus 1:]
My body wants you (Life)
My body needs you (Life)
And if there was a way
I could keep you forever
Then I would have you

[Chorus 2:]
Life is what you make it
No matter low the cake get
Or how high the stakes get
You got to take it
Some be on some snake shit
Others’ futures is vacant
[Oh jay glit?]
Those the thoughts that I wake with

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 1:]
I wanna rock off the dome
Rock written poem
Rock in cars, clubs, and homes
‘Til everything I’m spitting is known
‘Til I’m written in stone
Got rhymes running through my head
While I’m sitting alone
The Queen with glimpses of thrones
My imagination takes me to other places
In God’s creation
Sometimes I switch to jazz stations
To try to help my patience
Tested with stress from this crazy life I live
Nevertheless, keep my attitude positive
My prerogative is always to have a pot to piss in
If I get shitted on by the biz
Watching this statuesque check holder
Drop to this as you rest in your Rover
The Remy and Amaretto
Got me high like falsetto
Sexy in stilettos
Trooping through the ghetto
Let me head go with my feet
Can’t peddle ‘til my bread grow
Too much in me to ever settle
[Chorus 1] (2x)

[Chorus 2] (2x)

[Verse 2:]
Now I know a true thug
That got hit with five slugs
From other thugs
And God’s angels gave him mad love
True to the game on the real
And I don’t doubt it
How many players you know
Got hit five times and
Lived to talk about it
I even start to think you was immortal
‘Til you caught that shit in Vegas
Guess your body just couldn’t take it
God had to take him
Doctors couldn’t save him
And to my other brother
Murder was the case that they gave him
I know innocent was your plea
And since you got it
Give God the credit
Stay strong and don’t let it
Get you down
‘Cause if you need me I’ll be around
It’s true
You got angels watching over you
East to west
Nevermind who’s the best
To all my peeps
In peace may you rest
Somebody told me keep your head up
Don’t speed your death up
Don’t give your days up
You got to stay up
[Chorus 1] (2x)
[Chorus 2] (2x)

[Verse 3:]
You once was the Notorious and dangerous
Now you ain’t no more with us
It angers us
Another boy killed
Another voice stilled
Will never see the sun rise
Got caught up in the night’s chill
How do they explain to us
The loss we feel
Everybody packing steel
These ways is ill
No exemption
Whether you broke
Clocking grills
Or whether you topping bills
Or making mills
Pac was enough
But they had to take yours
You gone
The shit hurt
Ain’t no reason to fake for
Your wife shedding tears
And your crew
They ache for you
But you got seeds
And we got to make sure
They don’t inherit a world
That’s wicked by nature
Leave it to the Lord
To even up the score
Streets already raw
Full of player haters
Fake for sure
Taking yours
Making the stakes get raw
[Chorus 2] (2x)

[Chorus 1]

Just another day
In the neighborhood
Just another day around the way


[Chorus 1]