Money B
Rhymin’ on the Funk
S-H-I-N-I-N on the funk
And listen to the emcees rhymin on the funk
We solemnly swear to never bust a style that's bunk
So listen to the way that we're rhyming on the funk

[Shock G]
Now we would like to ask you
Have you ever heard this style befo'
You gotta say no
Cause there ain't no denying
And if you say yes you're lying
People are always wondering
What's up with the Underground
Are they down?
Or is just another new sound
We're saying things
And when we use a beat we use it right
Cause we're not just playing things
Spitting rhymes
Like a Tommy gun spraying things
So when you see us onstage
Don't just stare us down
Or compare our sound
To any other crew ya like
Yo, judge how ya like

Riding this like a roller coaster
Hugging the curves and dipping
Like I'm supposed to do
For the Underground troupe
Cause I know I'm the poop
Steaming hot
Stinking up the dance floor
Gonna do it freelance
For the funk, my friends
And all the others in the industry
They want to get with me
(Shock: Why is that, Mon?)
Maybe it's my smooth flow
They know this guy is dope
So they get hip to the style I'm using
It's called Raw Fusion
Ain't no time for ego-tripping
Let it be known
There'll be no slipping on mine
Cause all I want
Is a chunk of this Underground funk

[Shock G]
Yo, Money-B

What's up cold Shock G?

[Shock G]
Check it out, would you tell the people what we mean

What do you mean what we mean?

[Shock G]
You know what I mean
Tell 'em what we mean
When we're R-H-Y-M-I-N on the funk
Let 'em know that we got spunk

We got it

[Shock G]
And when I count to three
Go on and hit some of that humpty-hump
One, two, three
Well, I'm humpty-humping
You know that I'm saying something
The funk's in your face
Gonna keep the place jumping
As the beat keeps pumping
I'm tick-tocking 'em
Dope rhymes, I'm dropping 'em
On the twenty-four track
And there ain't no stopping 'em
It's too late to put the tape on pause
Because we're

[funk sample interlude]

Tell me if you think the beat is nasty
Well get ready, we're going to get sweaty
Just in case I hope you brought a towel in
I'm on the prowl when I hear the bass growling

[Shock G]
Growling like a big bass monster
On a rampage, it's like we were onstage
Shock G speaking from the Underground

Do they understand?

[Shock G]
I really don't give a damn
Cause we're