Money B
Funky Freestyles
[Verse 1: Debbie Deb]
I hope you can feel the texture, dyslexia
That I can wreck, so I can enter
Imagin' your body like a pencil, the mic is my utensil
Stickin' the potent with a proper fundamental
F**k yo' vision as I got a vision sitting in the tavern
Check out the pattern of a cavern
Isn't it deep like my father's
Measure the laughter and joy I brought his easily
A piece of paper isn't easy to me
I paint a quick picture that I can get ya
It's Debbie but Deb is my alias
Takes more than one to prevail again huh
Lyrical substance for a depth of a percussion
Check out the [?] flow that I'm bustin'
But only temperamental if you fed up, get up
While you up then pa** me the pen
So I can Etch-a-Sketch and show you how a real woman
Starts progress haha

[2Pac & Money B]
Aah! That's Deb [?]
Yo Del (You feel me? You heard me)
That sh*t was real dope
You know it was Mon'
Tu' wasn't that sh*t dope?
That was pretty buggin', that was pretty dope, you got admit that, come on
(Yo Del, what's up with that?)
Oh, you want me to do it?
(I know you can free')

[Verse 2: Money B]
Yo' mic pa**ed, at last, the freaky dog is next up
And Money ain't done, 'til the mics completely sexed-up
And f**ked up, if I'ma say so on the blunt tip
Licking MCs like fat juicy c**t lips
Girls I wanna do ya, whoa whoa whoa and all that
I'm killing you dead but you crawl back for more
But I don’t want ya, I let the rest get ya
Come on girlfriend, I'm just messing wit' ya
You know I never play you out like a velcro mustache
Especially when you're giving up 'nough a**
And it don't stop on 2Pac and Del
Check them out
[2Pac & Money B]
Ayo Del tryna hide in the back though Mon'
Yo Del, yo Del get on up here man
(You feel me? You heard me)
Yo Del do something, participate

[Verse 3: Del the Funky Homosapien]
D-E-L the funky human being
That is human being to the ones who need awakening
I can flex funk on the floor and make 'em furious
It might be intimidating to a certain point
Don't worry it's cool
Gaffling your wits, wilding you tricks
'Cause I'ma make suckas do the splits
That's why they cross the floor like a chorus line
As I prepare to drop a gorgeous rhyme
With a pretty presentation, placed with a purpose
A shade of green and crazy Del's on the scene
To lean the strike of perpetrators
Fakes and frauds, while the audience applauds
They get enthusiastic when I use the drastic measures
To keep the thieves out the treasures
I can kick a freestyle and recollect the segment
Like a movie, and I still sound groovy

[2Pac & Money B]
(Men down)
We are not f**king around up in there, you know what I'm saying?
Yo Tu', you sound fuller than 'em
Bust it
[Verse 4: 2Pac]
Ayo leave me the f**k alone, you gets none of this
It's suicidal, you lose your t**le like Doug-las
I'm nothin' nice and, I'm icin' like Tyson
I'm grippin' the mic and my DJ is slicin'
I'm tired of motherf**kers steppin' to me with the same old game though
Tryin' to play me out like Nintendo
How the f**k you think I ever got this far?
By bootin' motherf**kers like a shootin' star
'Cause I'm out to show that I'm a dope MC
You think crack had you fiendin', wait'll they get a load of me
N***as on my d**k like a motherf**kin' condom
B*t*hes wanna flip, let 'em step, and I'll bomb 'em
And it just don't stop
'Cause I got Debbie Deb in the house and we will drop
All compet**ors (Yo Deb) hunt ya a** like a predator, b*t*h!

[Verse 4: Debbie Deb]
Spin the wheel of fortune, for a fortune
Of prolific paranormal positivity
With the swift gift, so witness the finesse word
Too many females tryna be harder than me
I pull up on the scene like a [?]
Bustin' they a** with a—

[2Pac, Yo-Yo & Money B]
Ayo yo yo, hold up, hold up
Chill, chill
You don't wanna f**k with us all day like that
We know you got it yo
Save time for next track
(You feel me? You heard me?)
[?] don't know, the women are definitely in here (Big D, Big D)
And we outtie
Lench Mob in the house
(You know what I'm saying?)
(Lench Mob [?] unit)
Rollin' Fusion
(Ninja, ninjas)
Get off my dizi-nozo-nozeh Hah ha ha ha ha