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"Lil Babi"


That my lil babi (x9)
pus*y On fleek, Anything that she want
She can get it from me
Cause that my lil babi
(That My Lil babi)
That My Lil Babi (x4)


She Never creep & i know where she at
Know if i text her , she text me right back
She never tell dont fcc her like that
I dont got to tell her , to throw pus*y back
Had to my n*gga , lock that pus*y down
Gave her that di*k , she go making them sounds
Im the only one who fccin her now
She fell for the boy , after i di*k her down
I take her shopping , then fcc her good
Can't nobody fcc her get that understood
That my lil babi , she fight for the boy
2 In The morning she get right for the boy
That my lil babi over all of you hoes
That my lil babi , i dont want none of you hoes
That my lil babi (x2)

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 2]

pus*y so good , i can't leave when i get it
I be wanting seconds and thirds when i finish
That my lil babi , be all in her feeling
I be on go when i go when i give her that business
She be ready to go when i go when i finish
I be get right up on them titties
She be right top i told bae let me feel it
I be Tryna give bae everything that be in me
pus*y 1 Thouyah, i that she know it
Know that she fcc with me bae cause she show it
Im in that pus*y, (?)
Know that im still, when i tell her to go
Know that im turnt, when i ask for that (?)
(?) , and i told her (?)
Archin that back , & it be (?)
Throw it . Throw it

[Hook] x2

That My Lil Babi

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