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Welcome to F.E.M.A
Finesse, elevate, motivate, and achieve
Let's get it

[Verse 1: Plies]
Wish Gotti Youngsta Dolph go and squash the beef
Know that sh*t ain't none of my business I like to see n*ggas eat
I done put [?] I done caught a body
Said she don't want to go to sleep I told her pop a molly
Nickname cement b*tch I'm super solid
You don't like me Bobby Brown [?]
Lady put a n*gga bushes ain't discussing that
You say that you'll pay me later I ain't trusting that
n*ggas say my n*gga must be dropping mixtape
Think that I'll bust at you in public that's a mistake
Jack called go and get it ain't no time to sleep
I ain't trynna make friends b*tch I'm trynna eat
Came from the bottom yo look at how time fly
Hard for me to trust n*ggas who don't look in my eyes
n*gga ask for Plies why he bought a Bentley truck
Cuz Ion do what other n*ggas do you feel me bruh
Was on a beach last night bih massaging me
Whole inside of the crib [mahogany]
I was never supposed to make it past 25
Car full of [?] on 75
Up all night bih like I'm on a pill
Almost cried first time I touched my first meal
Ain't no social butterfly I keep my circle small
Do some sucker sh*t out here you come up missing dog
Put that bag for a lot of sh*t I used to do
Put sh*t before myself that's what I used to do
I will f*ck a n*gga b*tch I'm being honest though
One thing I love about myself I keep it a hunnid though
I remember them long nights, n*gga I couldn't remember nights
b*tch said a n*gga arrogant, you f*cking right
Shout out to all you n*ggas out here who pocket watching me
I ain't gonna disappoint you, I'm gonna give you some to see
Had to close another deal it got me motivated
n*gga acting like b*tches I don't tolerate it
If you cross me it ain't none just stay over there
b*tch my house ain't no museum you got to f*cking [?]
By any means out here, b*tch Kevin Gates
Hoe told me I was popping, b*tch you kind of late
Lot of you n*ggas still sleep, hit the snooze button
b*tch I might of still grinding, b*tch at 2 some
Still riding with that stick, it ain't my fault bruh
Too many n*ggas out here dropping salt bruh
I'm just trynna get a sack and stay in my own lane
Money come before the pus*y, I hope you understand
And all you begging ass b*tches, I ain't friendly hoe
And tell your noisy ass friends about there business hoe
And when it's time to go to war n*ggas b*tch up
You n*ggas sold a lot for that bag I never switch up

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