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Can Miss Becky please raise her hand, bruh
I need some of that good head right now, bruh
I need that Becky

I'm on this liquor oh so heavy
'Fo we f*ck, can you neck me?
A lil' head and I am ready
I want yo mouth, give me that Becky

[Verse 1]
Keep that pus*y I want yo throat
Front that head 'fo you go
Wet yo mouth 'fo you blow
Must get Becky 'fo I bow

You Miss Becky? Let me know
Licky, licky, I love that, bro
Head n*gga thatz 'fosho
I'mma lock yo jaws 'fo I go

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
Like pus*y love head
Will pay, I got that bread
Open yo mouth 'fo you open yo legs
Man down, I am dead

Suck no di*k? Can't get in my bed
Heard me right, thatz what I said
Drop that spit right on that head
Squeeze that meat and hit that head

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
Tired of pus*y, I'm retired
Ain't f*ckin' her, got too many mouths
Will put poll right in her mouth
Babbit pus*y ain't my style

Fine head make me smile
Put that mayonnaise on your child
Gotta be grown to f*ck with Plies
The longer you suck, the longer I whyle

[Hook x2]

[Verse 4]
Just got Becky, I can't move
I love Becky, yes I do
I get Becky, I am glued
Give me Becky, I'll do you

You don't do Becky, bye bye, boo
I love Becky like my jewels
You don't like Becky, you a fool
Oughta put Becky on the new

Becky, Becky, she so cool
I don't get Becky I can't sleep
I need Becky 'fo I beat
Becky, Becky, marry me

[Hook x2]

Gimme that Becky, gimme that Becky (Repeat x4)

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