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"Savage (Remix)"

[Intro: Bahari & BIA]
Yeah, yeah


[Verse 1: Bahari & BIA]
I am the sun, you know you need me
And you might get burned if you take too much
Don't get addicted 'cause, I'm gonna fade you like that rush (Yeah)
Is that blood on me or blush? So what?

[Pre-Chorus: Bahari & BIA]
You know I'm not a saint, but I can make you pray
So get down on your knees, give me a reason I should stay (Hm)
Trapped inside this madness, I know you wanna have this
So I can take advantage

[Chorus: Bahari & BIA]
Savage, savage
When you touch me you take me to heaven
When you hold me my body's a weapon
If you think that you can save me, break me down and tame me
Here's your chance to do some damage
Savage (Hm)

[Verse 2: BIA]
I'm a bad girl, bein' too good as average
I can [?] instead horses and carriage
I gotta flex, I can't help it
Yeah, you know I want you to myself, because I'm selfish
[?] Dior, keep it wet like we was off at the shore
Just be careful, I might give you what you wishin' for
I can go and turn this to a habit
And you know I'd rather be with you, but I'm a savage (Yeah)
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