Thug Life
Judgement Day
[Verse 1: 2Pac]
Now ever since I was a young scrub
I was a thug— on the corner with my n***as slanging drugs
And runnin' from the NARCs when they pass by
Don't ask why, I'm a hustler, 'til my ass die
Even when they do come up
I'll be ready when they run up, huh
I'll be a nut to put my gun up, huh
It's 2Pac and Tha Mad Bitch in the '64 rag
On them thangs, that's a bad bitch
Getting ghost on them bitches in the town
Bustin' out the backseat, n***a when we clown
Homie is you down?
Dee got the strap and she anxious
Hurry up 'fore she spanks shit
Comin' round the corners spittin' rounds
They can't hold me down
Caught them sucker ass bitches out of bounds
Now tell me how that sound
A double date laced with hate
Make 'em pray for the Judgement Day
Stinkin' biaatch

[Verse 2: Dee Tha Mad Bitch]
Look like today is Judgement and I'm bucking, everybody's in shock
It's the Dee and the 'Pac, coming equipped with that rough shit
No matter what you get that ass fucked up in the worst way
Slay, like hit 'em all day
I'm not the bitch to be fucking with
You best ta think twice, see I'm a veteran in this street life
I'm doing wars so fuck the wife
You only live one time in this strife, so I'm going for mine
Make a mill, life's a living hell
You gotta make all you can make if I'm not making it then I'm taking your shit
'Cause we down 'til the last days
And every minute of this living shit has got me going crazy
Every day of my life, I got caught up my attitude
It was my habit, let Tha coming rude
In time, now it's hard to find
Why we live this way, Judgement Day
[Verse 3: Mopreme]
Who the fuck are is this tryna judge me?
Boy strong young G, get you before you get me
Motherfucker's no joke, let the barrel smoke chump
I got the Mossberg 12, in my trench coat
Singing my song for freedom, bomb or bust
We can run the old shit, what the fuck?
Surviving on stretch, twenty minutes now stressed
[?] then get laid to rest
We get it from the cops, and the n***as that's bitch-made
"Shit Don't Stop" have to cut your ass sideways
N***a it's a N World, kid's all out
So motherfuckin' high, they 'bout to fall out
And you expect me to live like you
And your silly ass don't know what to do
Huh, I'd rather fight back, and get the shit hot
Blow yo' ass out the spot, on Judgement Day

[Verse 4: Stretch]
Uh, ghetto's the backbone, streets the crack zone
Thugs cracking MAC's where we roam kid
Causing destruction, and mayhem, snitches we spray 'em
And Narcs [?]
Tryna find and easy way to a meal ticket
And do it "Thugstyle" like a G and still kick it
And bringing wicked
I'm living raw, straight [?] by the boss
But I runs out of drugs no more
So let the coke pour on the scale boy
Let's get this mail boy
And keep it on the low, avoid jail boy
And fuck the G's on the motherfucking pen'
The news flash "Thug Life Wrecking Shit Again"
And wrecking shit again and again motherfucker
The Young to the Guns straight causing mad ruckus
I might get popped, but that's the price I gotta pay
A n***a is going out on my fucking Judgement Day, out