J. Valentine
I’m Tryna
Damn, I really messed up this time
But Imma make it up to you

[Verse 1:]
Seems just like the other day
You were my woman
Shopping malls and holidays
Couldn't tell us nothing
Now your gone away and I'm
Still tryna deny it
But I'm tired from this pain
And I just can't hide it

Its like ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
I just can't get over you
Girl ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Feel like I caught the flu
Girl I'm sick from all these lies and these games
And I'm sick from being the reason we turned out this way

I'm tryna act like I don't wanna be with you
Like I would be okay
If you just walked away
I'm tryna act like I don't wanna see you
Like you were just a face
I'll forget you in a day
I'm tryna act like I can do without feeling on your booty
Find another ghetto cutie
To do me like you do me yeah yeah
But I'm just so addicted to you
Imma try but I can't
Cause your all I'm tryna do
[Verse 2:]
See ya here and there with your friends
And I start the fronting
Act like I been doing my thing
And I don't need your loving
But you see it in my eyes
Girl something just ain't right
Since we don't share this bed no more
I can't sleep at night



Baby I know
Guess I'm changing out the door (Can't play it off like I'm so cool)
Girl you know I'm going straight out my mind
I can't stop thinking bout the things we did and the way we kissed
I know it ain't right playing like you ain't my time girl
Tryna be a playa got me acting like I


[Post-Hook: 3x]
I'm not tryna act, no
I'm not tryna act like that no more (oh)
Cause I never had it, girl
I never had it like this before
No, I'm not tryna change
No, I'm not tryna change this all for you (I'm not tryna change it, baby)
Imma do everything I can cause you all I'm tryna do