2nd II None
What Goes Up
[Intro: Gangsta D]
Hell yeah, 2nd II None gettin’ funky, you know what I’m sayin’
For the ’91 and 2, yeah

[Verse 1: Gangsta D]
I once knew a brotha that was down with the loc’ed out
Now he’s to the curb, hangin’ with the smoked out
Cool ass brotha, sportin’ them colors
Got popped with a rock, now he’s known as a clucker
People used to look up to G
Now he’s roaming in the streets playing Sorry
Had a girl named Shawn, baby had it going on
But she still ride his dirty ass Snoopy, yo
Baby was fine, yeah, fine, no doubt
But she never ever thought that a n***a be smoked out
Ah wait, never had a home
‘Cause the punk fool always had his beams on
Yo, successful as he planned to be
But the n***a ain’t nothin’ but a failure in society
Now he’s down and stuck with a temper
So take heed and remember…

[Scratched Hook]
“What goes up, must come down”
“What goes up, must come down”
[Verse 2: KK]
Remember the girl that used to get straight A’s in the class
Now she’s on a corner and she’s selling her ass
Used to be a working girl with a Beamer
Played the high road, goddamn, you shoulda seen her
With latex fashions and the silk jumpsuits
Hair all did up with the snakeskin boots
Rollin’ in her Beamer on her way to a night spot
Not knowing that this night she was ‘bout to get caught up
In a new mix, hangin’ on in with the wrong crowd
Who all fakes, so they put it in her face
She played the stupid role and put the pot to her tongue
One hit was all it took and now the girl is sprung
On the cocaine, her life went up in the smoke
No Beamer, no job, and now the girl is broke
So don’t base your life or be playin’
If you do, then remember this saying…

[Scratched Hook]
“What goes up, must come down”
“What goes up, must come down”

What goes up, must come down…what goes up, must come down
What goes up, must come down, gotta come down
[Verse 3: Gangsta D]
Remember the girl in the church front row?
Now she with a baller, pushing big kilos
The money was good but she didn’t know better
Especially when she busted with a pimped out Jetta
Fancy clothes and a luxury bag
These are the things that you know she never had
Baby girl wasn’t out to flirt
She was only out to do a n***a’s dirt work
17 but she lookeded 20
(The ass, ooh…) Baby had plenty
But she got the mix of a bad deal
Showed him the dope, he said, “Is it real?”
To keep himself from getting tricked
He tastes the dope and it tastes like cake mix
Somebody should have told her the game
Remember that man who sang…

[Scratched Hook]
“What goes up, must come down”
“What goes up, must come down”

[Verse 4: KK]
Well, if you make it to the top, don’t forget where your head’s at
Ain’t nothin’ promised to you, so remember that
What goes up is surely gonna come down
If you don’t keep two feet on the ground (YEAH)
Y’all know what I’m talking about
Nothin’ but straight up reality
Comin’ to you from 2nd II None, and we want y’all to remember
[Scratched Hook]
“What goes up, must come down”
“What goes up, must come down”