2nd II None
I'll say what's up, KK's down for the rushin'
N***as who are full of shit I think I should flush 'em
They from the other side, I know I couldn't trust 'em
So I cocked the gat... and said fuck 'em
Yo I'm my own man, a down strong man
I ain't fadin'? (shit..), you got it wrong man
What's up fool, we can toss or let's get 'em up
Toe to toe - so n***a, what's up?

[Gangsta D]
The Dee love the daily average ho
I was known to the bitches as havin' about four or more
A young n***a that was down for the title
The block gang was my rival
I remember bitches and bitches and n***as and n***as
And hoes and hoes, and all the good times at Centenial
And all the n***as that support the cut... y'all motherfuckers stay up...