"Dark Woods Circus"

Darker than night, deep in the woods you'll find
Standing alone, a circus that no one knows
Master of all, nearly ten meters tall
Watching the show, eyes that will slowly grow

All who perform smile with faces torn
Happy with glee, strange as they look to me
Shall the fun start? Follow me to the Dark
Woods Circus please, join the festivity

Come and see the two-headed (freak) of nature
Gaze at a siren, her flesh deformed

Fear the blue beast and his love for cold
Decaying meals that once were warm

Did we ask to breathe? Did we ask to only
Be abused, living in bodies like these?
When you look at me, what is it that you see?
Now a face rotting and torn at the seams

Through the pain I scream, how "it hurts so badly"
"But we can't help it or do anything"
As the girl would weep, telling me this sadly
We perform, always the circus repeats
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