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Can’t stop, the worlds are crawling through my mind
Reaching to be said, ever falling on the blind
Cue another day, I’ve really had enough
Splitting, barely fitting, my matryoshka

Hear it beating out a rhythm from inside
Frozen at the hand, always four and never five
And no, they’ll never see it coming till the end
Everything you know and love is turning on its head

Ah, I’ll be crushed to bone
Throw it away, forget you ever even knew
Ah, but I have to know
Digging deep and soon

Come on and break the beat please
Dancing through the night
Kalinka? Malinka? Sing me the right cord
Head in pieces, am I alright?
Don’t go, I need to know a little more

Loud and clear now, five and two-four
Freud? Keloid? Lead with the right key
Laugh it up then, we’ll laugh and ignore
Dance along, forgetting why you need to leave
If you’re crazy and you know it clap your hands
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