"Kokoronashi【English Cover】心做し"

If somehow I could leave it all behind and everything
Do you think that a bit of joy would finally come to me?
My heart is breaking and the ache will start again
And never end…please don’t say anything

If somehow I forgot the world and who I am today
Could I sleep? Would the tears I cry all dry and fall away?
But we can’t wish on stars to part from who we are
It’s all we are…please don’t try anything

Though I call out you reach you, failing time and again
My heart is all I have to give you, only one

You can’t see! You can’t see! Just take my bones, why not everything?
You’re tearing me and damaging, do anything, lay me in thе ground
I’m screaming and shaking, my eyes turn rеd somehow even now
Wrapping me around, your touch abound
Not letting go even when I say

It’s okay

If somehow I could have a wish come true, I’d think of you
And just wish for the things you have and all you try to do
But I don’t make a lot of wishes, maybe none
I’d settle then for you to stay by me
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