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Justin Townes Earle

"What’s Goin Wrong"

I've been feeling bad
And I ain't been thinking of the past
Though I rolled the dice many times, lost all I had

Oh it's the here and now that's got me feeling down
Holed up at home all on my own
Moping round the house

This time I think I got it right
After all this time carrying on
I got a good feeling I know what's going wrong

Ain't been drinking
Ain't been sneaking around the hard side of town
Trying to change the way I'm feeling now

But I've been staying up late
Sleeping all damn day
And I just cannot remember the last time I ate
But I must admit that I could take a little time to catch on
I got a good feeling that's been going wrong


If there's one thing you should never do
It's put it past the man to be a fool
I'm not certain
Maybe I'm learning
Maybe I'll be the last and alone in a long line of hurting
But I know I can't be right but every time that my baby's gone
I got a good feeling that's what's going wrong
That's what's going wrong now

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